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We are NewTouch, a product of UCI's Biomedical Engineering senior capstone course.

Proprioception is the link between your body’s sensory processing and motor movement. As a result of a healthy proprioception system, you are able to sense the orientation, motion, and force of your body without the need of sight. This system is why if you scratch your back, you won’t scratch too hard and hurt yourself.

The main focus of this project is to help people with weak proprioception to gradually regain their sense of finger orientation. We seek to understand how the proprioception system will aid in rehabilitation with the integration of robotics and gaming. The integration of gaming will allow for sub consious improvement in a person’s neuroplasticity as it is the basic mechanism of improvement for stroke rehabilitation. And the integration of both robotics and gaming in regard to the proprioception system is a new approach to stroke rehabilitation that has not been currently researched in depth.

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